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Bottle Grade PET Resin DLR-140:

Intrinsic Viscosity (IV) reflects molecular wt. of polymer. Greater values mean more strength. Since water bottles need only enough strength to hold water, survive impact, the required IV is lower. This grade produces brilliant clarity with very high purity, tasteless and odourless properties due to low acetaldehyde content of less than 1 ppm.

Bottle Grade PET Resin DLR-140

Bottle Grade PET Resin DLR-142:

This grade due to its high IV is extremely strong to contain the internal pressures of CO2 without distortion or expansion. Use of DLR142 will show High clarity, odourless and tasteless properties due to very low acetaldehyde content of less than 1 ppm which are essential in terms of consumer acceptance of the packaged soft drinks.
Bottle Grade PET Resin DLR-142
The benchmark of Delron production is:
  • Extremely gentle processing of polymer by using latest SSP technology.
  • Resin production by using breakthrough CC-PET pelletizing system.
  • Consistent product quality and on schedule delivery.
  • Minimum product hold up in the system.
  • Extremely sintering resistant process and no dust generation.
  • High production flexibility.
  • Production of Bottle Grade PET Resin by the World Leader resulting in the superior quality of the product.
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